Load Strength

We are committed to building the safest most technologically advanced and biomechanically friendly weight lifting equipment on the market. As the fitness industry changed encouraging exercise that over time will damage and hurt ligaments/joints we built equipment that is safe but also highly effective. The first product we are introducing to the world is the Pillar and it is the ultimate machine for a killer leg workout. 

Commercial Fitness Equipment
All Materials Sourced Locally in Cleveland
American Designed American Made

Strength Training Equipment from Cleveland

Load Strength is a designer and producer of gym equipment in Northern Ohio
Welcome to Load Strength, Northern Ohio’s most unique designer and producer of gym equipment. Our engineering team has decades of experience building biomechanically effective strength equipment. Their primary focus has been designing functional strength equipment that is durable and will give the user a pump like nothing else on the market. Our goal here at Load Strength is to provide our customers with the most cutting edge, high quality, and most durable fitness equipment they have ever owned. We see our customers as partners and enjoy building long term relationships with each of them. Whether you are starting a gym business, creating a company gym or building a garage gym at home we can build solutions for you.
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